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Oracle Girl 

"When you control food, you control society."

- Vandana Shiva

Learning, growing and providing food is the opportunity to take back your sovereignity to support yourselves, your families and communities.

We are delighted to collaborate with the Oracle Girl organisation. A ground breaking project enabling purposeful outcomes for everybody involved.


Food is the one thing that connects us all. Recipes handed down through generations and revered ingredients treated with love, respect and gratitude have the capacity to transform our lives.


Through regular community based meals inspired by our locally grown and seasonal produce the aim is to support our local environments by connecting the growers, producers and those in need.


Developing a range of food products from the land and from our kitchens with the emphasis on health and nutrition will soon be available.


We look forward to sharing with you through our meals, products and deliveries available very soon.


Your valued support is greatly appreciated.

Learn more about the work they are doing through this link:

Learn more about Oracle Girl through this link:

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